Controlled temperature transport: a comprehensive guide

Controlled temperature transport is an essential mode of transportation to maintain a constant temperature within the vehicle, regardless of external conditions. Using integrated thermostats and machinery, these systems ensure the necessary cooling or heating to maintain the desired conditions. This type of transport is crucial for the food and pharmaceutical industries, where the quality and safety of products depend on maintaining specific thermal conditions.

Mezzi e requisiti per il trasporto a temperatura controllata

Regulations on controlled temperature transport

Controlled temperature transport in the European Union is regulated by the “Hygiene Package” (Reg. EC No. 852 – 853 – 854 and 882 of 2004 along with Reg. EC 178/02). These regulations set out the rules for the production, transport, distribution, and marketing of food, as well as the provisions for food safety controls.

Vehicles and requirements for controlled temperature transport

Vehicles for controlled temperature transport can be isothermal, refrigerated, or heated, depending on specific needs. They must be marked with adhesive labels indicating the type of ATP (Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs) classification and their expiration date. The personnel must be qualified and periodically updated on regulations and safety procedures.

ATP certification for controlled temperature transport

The ATP regulation governs the transport of goods under controlled temperatures, specifying the construction methods of isothermal vehicles and the temperatures to be maintained for transporting perishable products. The ATP certification, issued by the Ministry of Transport, is valid for 6 years and can be renewed twice for three years each.

Transportable products and required temperatures

The temperatures to be maintained during transport vary depending on the product:

  • +4°C for pasteurized milk, ricotta, yogurt, fresh cheeses, butter, cream, and milk cream.
  • +7°C for fresh meats (beef, lamb, goat, horse, pork).
  • +4°C for poultry, rabbit, game, and meat preparations.
  • +3°C for offal.
  • +2°C for minced meat and mechanically separated meat.
  • +6°C for edible bivalve mollusks and live bivalves.
  • +4°C for fresh pasta.
  • -18°C for frozen products.
  • +16°C for generic dry products, wines, and beverages.
  • Temperature close to the melting point of ice for fresh fishery products, thawed mollusks, and cooked and refrigerated crustaceans.

Packaging for controlled temperature transport

The packaging used must be particularly resistant and able to withstand stacking and humidity conditions. Frozen products must be placed in packages without cracks to ensure integrity during transport.

Iemoli transport services for controlled temperature transport

Iemoli Transport supports the supply chains of pharmaceutical companies by paying great attention to the quality and safety of the service. The staff is trained and continuously updated according to the latest regulations and guidelines. Additionally, we have a significant fleet of vehicles with state-of-the-art semi-trailers and are part of a network that allows us to operate flexibly throughout Europe and North Africa. We also place great emphasis on environmental and energy-saving policies, which is why we have invested in the purchase of electric trucks.

Safety and quality

Controlled temperature transport is essential to ensure the quality and safety of food and pharmaceutical products. European regulations, specific requirements for vehicles and packaging, and certifications such as ATP are all crucial elements for the success of this type of transport. With a partner like Iemoli Transport, companies can rely on reliable and high-quality controlled temperature transport services.

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