ADR transport dangerous goods

Dangerous goods transport: everything you need to know The transport of dangerous goods requires particular caution, responsibility, and professionalism from both the shipper and the carrier. Therefore, it is essential to use equipment suitable for the specific type of dangerous goods to be transported and to strictly adhere to the ADR regulations to ensure the […]



Intermodal transport

Intermodal transportation: an efficient and sustainable logistics solution Inter-modal transport stands for safe and flexible transport, perfect for those that need to cover long distances, it’s economical, ecological and efficient. The lack of intermediate handling guarantees a lower risk of damaging goods, a lower cost of transfer between different types of transportation often guaranteeing increased […]

trasporto a temperatura controllata iemoli



Controlled temperature transport

Controlled temperature transport: a comprehensive guide Controlled temperature transport is an essential mode of transportation to maintain a constant temperature within the vehicle, regardless of external conditions. Using integrated thermostats and machinery, these systems ensure the necessary cooling or heating to maintain the desired conditions. This type of transport is crucial for the food and […]

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Warehouse and logistic

Logistics and warehousing: how to manage them effectively Our warehouse located inside the company is a modern infrastructure capable of receiving your goods and also transporting dangerous substances. We take care of storage, sorting of goods and managing orders, thanks to the careful management and strategic activities that govern the flow of materials and our […]