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The Iemoli Trasporti Group is a historic company, founded in 1962 by Giovanni Bigiotti Iemoli, which has always been active in the transport sector. Today, the company is owned by La Posta Schweiz AG. We mainly deal with the transport of dangerous goods in compliance with ADR regulations, as well as managing temperature-controlled and intermodal transports between Italy and Switzerland.

Our mission is to ensure reliable and punctual transports, and we distinguish ourselves by our focus on safety and compliance with regulations, ensuring that every item transported arrives at its destination in optimum condition and on time.

Our constant commitment to innovation and sustainability has allowed us to grow and adapt to the needs of the market. The inauguration of our new headquarters in Turate (CO) in 2024, equipped with state-of-the-art environmentally friendly solutions, is further proof of our development path and our focus on the future.

Today, Iemoli Trasporti represents a benchmark in the transport and logistics sector, combining tradition and modernity to offer high quality services. We are ready to respond to the challenges of the global market, while maintaining a strong link with our historical roots and an eye on the future.

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Our Story

Innovators since 1962

Iemoli Trasporti has a rich and varied history that began in 1962, when Giovanni Bigiotti Iemoli founded the company to transport the marble produced by his company. Initially, the activity was mainly concentrated between Switzerland and Italy.

In 1994, Giovanni’s son Andrea took the reins of the company, bringing with him a modern and dynamic vision. Under his leadership, the company has continued to grow and evolve.

In 2004, Iemoli Trasporti moved its headquarters to Cadorago (CO), marking a new chapter in its expansion. Six years later, in 2010, the company took another step forward by adopting intermodal transport, starting with the Chiasso-Basel line. This innovation led to exponential growth and the foundation of Iemoli Trasporti AG in Chiasso (CH), strengthening the company’s presence in the Swiss market.

In 2021, Swiss Post AG acquired 100% of the shares of Iemoli Trasporti srl and Iemoli Trasporti SA, recognising the company’s value and potential.

Finally, in 2024, Iemoli Trasporti inaugurated a new headquarters in Turate (CO), equipped with state-of-the-art solutions to respect the environment, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Today, Iemoli Trasporti represents an example of success in the transport and logistics sector, keeping its roots firm while looking to the future with confidence and determination.



Iemoli Trasporti was founded by Giovanni Bigiotti Iemoli to transport the marble produced by the company. The activity is concentrated between Switzerland and Italy.


Giovanni’s son Andrea takes over the leadership of the company.


Moving to new headquarters in Cadorago (CO).


Transition to intermodal transport starting with the Chiasso-Basel line.
The company grows exponentially: Iemoli Trasporti SA is founded in Chiasso (CH).


Swiss Post AG acquires 100 percent of the shares of Iemoli Trasporti srl and Iemoli Trasporti SA.


Inauguration of the new headquarters in Turate (CO).

Our strengths

An integrated supply chain

Iemoli Trasporti is today the leading player in Italy-Switzerland intermodal transport, covering all key points in the logistics chain. Our strengths lie in our ability to offer reliable and punctual transports.

Our constant commitment to innovation, safety and compliance with regulations allows us to offer a high quality service, guaranteeing that every transported good arrives at its destination in optimal conditions and on time. The combination of tradition and modernity, combined with a strong focus on customer needs, makes us a reliable and competent partner in the transport and logistics sector.

Transport of up to 30 tonnes of payload

Thermal trailers for temperature-controlled products

Bulky Goods and Coli Liner Transport

ADR transport

Double-deck transports

Customised operations

Collection and distribution in Italy and Switzerland from 1 pallet to FTL

Logistics Services

Our Commitment

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Our mantra is to offer our customers a high level of service, but without forgetting the protection of the environment, which is an essential goal today.

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